TV Installations and Wall Mounts

tv installation in LawrencevilleSo you got a new flat panel HDTV and want to have it mounted to your wall or above your fireplace. That’s great! At Dependable Electric Services we’ve installed hundreds of of TV’s into drywall, chimneys and other various locations. You want you TV to look amazing and sophisticated to say the least, so make sure you hire a professional to get it installed efficiently and securely, so you won’t have to worry.

Hiding Those Ugly Wires

One of the worst things about trying to install your wall-mounted TV yourself is what to do with the wires. The Master Electricians at Dependable Electric are legitimate experts in this field and will make sure no wires are visible when they install your new flat panel TV. You’ll be amazed at the difference between seeing wires and not seeing them at all.

Additional Outlets

When you and your family decide exactly where your TV is going to go, there will likely be no changing your mind. However, if that spot doesn’t have an outlet we can help! Moving or adding a new outlet is something we do on a normal basis so that you may plug in where your devices are, not bring your devices where your outlets are.