Surge Protection Atlanta, GA

As you are likely well-aware, electrical devices and things that require charging are taking up more and more outlets in your home. Though this is a luxury most of us have come accustomed to, it means that homeowners should be taking more responsibility to ensure that these monitors, phones, tablets, and media devices are all protected with true surge protection.

A power strip doesn’t offer surge protection contrary to what you may believe or have been told. Salesmen at electronics and appliance stores are either uneducated in the field or are just trying to ring you up for one more item. No, surge protection is something altogether different not part of your standard power strip. A surge protector is a device that is implemented into your home’s electrical system to help protect it from voltage spikes. Your Atlanta home, like most others, is probably filled with devices that need protecting from the numerous lightning strikes we get in the Metro region. Let the electrical experts at Dependable Electric use the experience and know-how to protect your home.

Surge Protection for Your Business

Your home isn’t the only place surge protection might be utilized or needed. Many small business owners would do well to have a surge protection system installed. With an ongoing list of laptops, desktops, light boards, and company tablets that are constantly plugged in, it’s a safe bet that there is plenty that can be protected from lightning strikes and electrical surges. Among the services Dependable Electric offers for your business, surge protection is one that is often overlooked and usually undervalued. It might be one of the most important of our electrical services that you decide to use.

Lightning Strikes

It’s true that the Atlanta climate experiences cool and warm cycles of weather, though it seems the trend is warmer. However, even with the large amount of cold weather that we receive, there are still lightning strikes in December and January. Somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 lightning strikes occur annually in Georgia. Many of these happen in Atlanta and during our cold, cold wintry months. Even in December.  In fact, in 2014 Georgia residents reported lightning strikes totaling somewhere around 15,000 times in the month of December. Damages amounting to over $16 Million were paid out by insurance companies in the 2014 calendar year solely due to lightning strikes. The trend seems to be continuing as well since Georgia has led the country for the last 3 years in lightning damage claims.

Be Sure to Get Your Home Protected

Join the growing community of Suwanee homeowners who are very happy that they’ve gotten assistance from Dependable Electric with installing a surge protection system. Dependable Electric has been serving Suwanee and the surrounding area for over 10 years, and they would love to see how they could help you.  that are actively protected against lightning strikes and surge protection. Don’t put your home or family at risk by not being fully protected!