Electrician in Roswell, Ga

Electrician in Roswell, Ga

From the stunning Vickery Creek Waterfall, the covered pedestrian bridge to the beautiful parks and recreation centers scattered around the city, there are lots of attractive places in Roswell, GA. There’s hardly anything you can’t find in Roswell; cafes, restaurants, shops, historic homes, fitness centers, coffee house, you name it. Little wonder Roswell is one of the best places to live in Georgia. And if you are looking for a reliable electrician in Roswell, GA, you’ve got one in Dependable Electric Services.

We offer affordable and reliable electrical services in Roswell, GA. We are the first choice for several residents in the city. You’ve probably come across one of our service vehicles on the streets of Fulton County. So, whether you’re living in Roxburgh Drive or Lake Villa Drive, we’ll handle all of your electrical needs too.

Choose the Dependable Electrician in Roswell

When you work with us, rest assured that you’ll be getting first-class services and more.


We ensure you get quality electrician services in Roswell, GA. We make use of only the best material for your job. Aside from that, we’ll deliver your project on time and within budget.


Our team consists of experts who specialize in installing and repairing various electrical appliances. They can install and repair flat-screen TVs, ceiling fans, and surge protectors. We can also rewire your kitchen and your entire home. So whatever your needs are, we’ll take care of them!


We are a licensed, insured, bonded, and certified electrician in Roswell, GA. Our technicians have more than 50 years of experience serving the Roswell area. With us, you can expect a hassle-free experience.

100% Satisfaction

As the leading electrician in Roswell, we ensure you are always satisfied with our services. We make sure that everything works before leaving. Also, we clean the work area and leave your home or business clean and neat.

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Do you have a project or appliance you want help with? Then speak with one of our experts today. Call us at 404-789-4811 or fill out our contact us form to get a free quote now. You can’t find a better electrician in Roswell, Ga than us. Let’s get started today.

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Take a look at what your neighbors are saying about us as an Electrician in Roswell.

They're excellent. They're absolutely terrific.On the price, it's very reasonable. They do excellent service. I have an electrical and air conditioning background in shipping and yachts and they're very reasonable and do excellent work.

We hired them to rewire stations in our shop! They were courteous, prompt and honest! I would highly recommend them and will use them in the future for our electrical needs!

Installing ceiling fans, light fixtures and door bell button.

The technician was on time, very friendly and did a good job. He cleaned up when finished. We will use this service again.

Total house re-wire of 50+ yr old house, upgrade fixtures, move breaker panel, relocate main meter.

Bryan, Tyler, Carl, Justin and Ricky at Dependable Electric are THE BEST. My 50+ yr old brick tri-level house total re-wire was a monster nightmare of a job from start to finish. And they did it all in 12 days. That, imho, is nothing short of a miracle. I know. Sounds a little over the top, but you'd have to know this house like I do and have been here to truly understand. Two attics full of blown-in insulation to crawl through, wiring that had been rigged six ways to Sunday and a breaker panel that had to be moved out of the laundry room to another wall - that they had to stud in. The guys worked so hard to make sure I kept some power and AC the entire time except for the few hours it took to move everything to the new box and new meter, which also had to be moved. I could not be more pleased with the entire process and the end result.

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