Outlet Installation

Typically, when you think of electricians,  you imagine a tech coming out and installing a light fixture. However, the electricians at Dependable Electric offer so much more than lighting installs. From whole-home surge protection to garage door openers, Dependable does it all. If you are in the market to sell your home, you may have heard about code upgrades. Certain electrical elements are now required that weren’t required years ago, possibly when your home was built. For instance, now when you sell your home each room must have outlets a minimum of every six feet. It’s good to have someone on your side that can walk you through all of these components.

outlet installation

Professional Outlet Installation

For a combined 50 years, the Master Electricians at Dependable Electric have been helping homeowners with electrical issues, come what may. They are always learning about new techniques and keeping educated on outdated and new standards. Accordingly, they’ll make sure that your home is 100% up to code when it comes time for inspection. Outlet installation is often the one thing that is required stay up to code. Though there are other elements, sometimes this is a quick fix, and a cinch for Dependable.

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Whether you’re looking for an electric car charger or help with new light fixtures, Dependable Electric is your source for all things electrical. Located in Lawrenceville, our Master Electricians will drive wherever necessary to make sure you’re satisfied by our service.

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