Meter Base Repairs

electrical meterAmong the many services we offer, included is meter base repair. Many homes can have meter base problems or worse, need replacing. However, one of our areas of expertise is, in fact, meter base repair and making sure yours can do its job properly.

What is a Meter Base?

A meter base is the housing that stores your electrical meter so that it can be read whenever your electric service cycles. It must keep all the electrical components and wires safe from elements, and most importantly, dry.

Meter Base Maintenance is Your Job

It likely sounds crazy that something that belongs to the power company should be your responsibility, but it’s true. Once the meter base is attached to your house, the point of attachment is your responsibility. The power company’s sole responsibility is to provide power to that point. Beyond the attachment any acts of God or otherwise are up to you to fix. That’s where the handy professionals at Dependable Electric come into play. Our Lawrenceville electricians will help you fix your meter base and perform any related repairs.

Saving You Money and Hassle

Let our master electricians repair your meter base or perform any of the other services you need. With satisfied customers across Lawrenceville and Metro Atlanta, you can rest assured you will receive the exceptional service you deserve.