Ceiling Fan Installation

ceiling-fanAlthough we offer many commercial and residential services, one of the services we can do quickly and thoroughly is ceiling fan installation. Ceiling fans are a great addition not only to living rooms, but any bedroom as well. You want to have the classic look of a ceiling fan, to help lower your energy bills and to help cool your home in the warmer months.

Leave it to The Professionals

Though it may not seem too hard to do the electrical work required for a ceiling fan install, think again. It may not be difficult, but without the proper training, tools or equipment you could easily shock your way to the hospital.  In many cases around the house DIY is the cost-effective way to go, in this instance: DON’T! You don’t want to end up with any kind of electrical scoring marks or worse just because you wanted to save a few bucks. Call Dependable Electric Services to help you with your ceiling fan installation.

Saving You Money and Hassle

When you install a ceiling fan you’re effectively lowering your cooling costs, and if you know how to, your heating costs as well. A fan cooling off your home and letting your A/C take some time off makes sense. But did you know that there’s a switch on your fan that turns the fan blades the opposite way that actually recirculates the warm air that is near the ceiling back down to where you and your family can enjoy it. This saves you money during the cooler months, too. By hiring our Master Electricians, you will be free from the hassle of wiring, mounting and installing your ceiling fan.

Let the professionals at Dependable Electric install your new fan or perform any of the other small electrical installs you might need around your home.