Space Heater Safety Tips

space-heaterA space heater’s sole purpose is to heat up that place in our home that never seems to be able to get warmed from our furnace or heat pump. These small heaters give us a little reprieve from the cold without raising our electric bills by too big an amount. But you must keep in mind that space heaters are to be used with caution and under a watchful eye. Left unattended and space heater can start a fire that could spread in under a minute. Heating equipment is the second most popular culprit of home fires in the US, accounting for countless injuries, homes lost; millions of dollars in insurance claims and sadly, even deaths.

Plug Directly Into Outlet

Always plug your space heater directly into an outlet. Never use an extension cord or power strip to give your heater power. Doing this can lead to fire or electrical shorts to occur. Be sure to check the wires and the body of your heating unit to make sure nothing is frayed, rusted, broken or otherwise malfunctioning.

Do Not Leave Heater By Itself

Whenever you get up to leave the warm sanctity that is your hot spot, turn off or unplug your space heater. Whether you’re walking out for the day or just for five minutes be sure that it is powered down. This will decrease your chances of it starting a fire by almost 100%. It only takes a fire a few precious moments to start and spread. Avoid this catastrophic outcome every time you use your heater.

Read and Follow Your Specific Heater’s Manual

When it comes to most things to read (i.e. OS updates and the like), you generally can get safely by without reading them. When something has the ability to burn your house down you take it a bit more seriously. They don’t print those manuals and put warning stickers on the units for no reason-heed the warning!

Stay Back 3 Feet

To be effective, a heater must do a few things to function properly: warm a small area; not start a fire; turn on or off when prompted. As a user, you must do a few things also: use caution by keeping anything that could burn at least 3 feet away; turn it off when you’re leaving the room; examine it for defect or anything unusual. Staying a minimum of 3 feet away is ideal for proper safety of your heater. Remember it’s a space heater, not a grill, not a blanket warmer and definitely not a microwave.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are a MUST

Smoke-which you can smell-and carbon monoxide-which you can’t-are potential signs of fire or poisonous gas. Each floor of your home should have at least one smoke and one carbon monoxide detector. Both can be very hazardous to your health,  and depending on your type of heater may be emitted if not working properly.

Just like all the devices and appliances in your home, use each with caution and be sure you know enough about it to operate it properly and with great care.

Basement Wiring

finished basement wiringThere’s a good chance that your basement is unfinished because the daunting task of getting it properly wired and set up with electricity is holding you back. Don’t let that be the case. Let the professionals at Dependable Electric safely wire and supply electricity to your basement while ensuring it’s up to code.

Don’t Do This Yourself

There are a great many things that you can attempt to accomplish to finish your basement without any great risk. Wiring it is not one of them! Be sure to hire licensed and insured professionals to wire, re-wire or otherwise supply electricity to your basement or any other additions that require electrical work. Don’t risk electrical shock, or worse, just to save a few bucks.

Get Electric Work Done First

When finishing your basement you want to build your basement around your electrical work, not the other way around. You’ll be glad you chose to do the electrical work first as getting wires in, around and through built drywall, finished paint and ceilings is a hard and can end up costing you considerably more.

Finish That Basement

Whether you’re re-wiring and remodeling your current basement, or just need power supplied to your about-to-be-finished basement, get an estimate from the certified electricians at Dependable Electric Services.

Hiring an Electrician

electrical light bulbFor most people, hiring an electrician is about as fun as going to the dentist and hearing that wonderful drill. It’s not fun. In fact, looking for an electrical contractor is probably the lowest on your list of things you want to do.  But when the time comes to hire someone you’re going to trust, it’s always good to have the trump card up your sleeve. I’m talking about Dependable Electric. It’s easy to tell you about how they’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or how they will be extremely competitive when it comes to price and the value of their service for your hard-earned money.  But if you’re a hard sell and really need convincing, simply read our reviews. Dependable Electric Services LLC really does have a great reputation, and it’s all built around our commitment to customers.

Why You Need an Electrician

Of course, you could always do the work yourself. Oh, you need a new outlet in your home office? Go ahead and rip up the drywall and splice in the new outlet. No problem, right? Wrong. There is virtually no situation where you come out on top while trying to manipulate electricity and all of its mythical wonder. Luckily, the professional electricians from Dependable Electric in Lawrenceville are expertly trained and have got your back for any electrical needs stemming from your home or business. That’s another quality these guys have – they do both commercial and residential services, and they’re exceptional at them!

Hiring professionals to carry out the jobs required at your home or work will ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. The last thing you want is to get shocked because you thought you could save a few dollars. The cost of contract electrical work isn’t worth near  the risk you assume by attempting a DIY electrical project. Not to mention, there is an incredibly large number of homes that have been wired improperly. That means, there’s a chance an electrician will find the issue and fix it before you can say, “electricity.” Haven’t you watched those home fix-it shows when they go to flip an older house and lo and behold the entire electrical system needs to be overhauled or isn’t up to code? Don’t let a little curiosity get the best of you. Hire a professional.

Unlike a lot of other electricians out there who are probably great contractors and have a sparkling track record, Dependable Electric Services is open 24/7 to meet and exceed all of your wiring, fuse box and complete electrical needs.