The Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an often overlooked part of your home, though they have a lot to offer. There is an abundance of ways ceiling fans can benefit your daily life:

Ceiling Fans Make Your Room Feel Cooler

Ceiling fans can make a room feel up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit cooler. They do this by circulating the air, which makes sweat evaporate from your skin more quickly and takes the heat out of your body by a process called convection. This is called the wind chill effect.

They Save Energy

Since they make the room feel cooler, using ceiling fans allows you to cut back on your AC usage, which uses more energy. A typical air conditioning unit uses about 3,500 watts of energy, while a ceiling fan uses about 60 watts. That’s a 99% decrease in energy usage!

They Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

Ceiling fans don’t just reduce your carbon footprint, they save you money! Typical AC units cost around 36 cents an hour, compared to ceiling fans which only cost 1 cent an hour. If you use your ceiling fan wisely, you can save a lot over time.

Ceiling Fans Let You Cool One Room at a Time

Ceiling fans are most efficient when you turn them off in rooms that aren’t being used. Since you won’t be there to feel the wind chill effect, you’re better off saving the energy. So while you’re in one room enjoying your ceiling fan, you can be saving money in another.

They Keep Bugs Away

Food and drinks can attract house flies and mosquitos into your home, but the breeze from a ceiling fan can help keep them away.

They Give You a Chance to Decorate

Ceiling fans come in a variety of designs, styles, and colors. From classic to sleek to ultra modern, finding electric-fan-414575_1920your perfect ceiling fan style will give the room a personal touch.

They Provide Light

Most ceiling fans come with light bulb sockets. This gives you the chance to light the room from the perfect spot in the middle of the ceiling.

It’s typical for ceiling fans to have a switch that allows you to run the blades clockwise or counter-clockwise. During warm months, run them counter-clockwise to stay cool. But you can keep using your ceiling fan and saving energy and money in the cold months too by running the blades clockwise. This sweeps the air from the middle of the room up to the ceiling, forcing the warm air from the top of the room down, eliminating the wind chill effect.

There are so many reasons to use your ceiling fan wisely in every season of the year. From saving you money to reducing your carbon footprint, you are sure to enjoy the benefits of ceiling fans.