Atypical Wiring Types

Hot Tub Wiring

Most hot tubs use a 60 amp, 240-volt circuit, and wiring these up to code is critical. Hiring an electrician that values integrity in their work can play an important role in how  There are a few codes required for hot tub installation that, in addition to the National Electrical Code, ensure your family’s safety while in use. Making sure the correct voltage and amperage is quite important as it will ensure that your Jacuzzi works efficiently and properly for years to come. Lastly, a surge protector or surge protection system should be installed so that your unit it fully protected from potential lightning strikes.

Replacing Worn Out Wiring

As with anything, when homes get older, so do all of their components. Upkeep is one of the perks (and downfalls) of being a homeowner. Normally, your appliances, roof, light fixtures, and more all need replacing or updating as your home ages. Oftentimes, though, the wiring of the home gets overlooked. In fact, many homes built before 1980 don’t have the third hole for a grounded plug. If your home has this issue, it’s likely that it needs new wiring throughout. As far as safety goes, this is a big no-no. Contact a professional electrician to make sure your home’s wires and outlets are up to date and up to code.

Pond / Fountain Wiring

Almost nothing looks more fantastic in a fine-looking backyard than koi ponds, swimming pools, and waterfalls. Having a dependable company responsible for doing the wiring for these elements is key. One factor to consider when upgrading to a peaceful backyard pond is the accurate voltage this specific unit requires. Not as aesthetically pleasing as the fountain or the sound of the water, but likely the most crucial part of the install. Ensuring no risk of electrical shock, no tripping of the breakers, and the ability to add lighting, later on, are all things we take into consideration, too. PNormally pumps are to be installed and we will make sure the proper voltages and amps and dedicated circuits are used properly. We can install circuits for new ponds and fountains or an existing one that may be having issues.

Additional Appliance Wiring

When the time comes to upgrade your old appliances to electric, or you’d like to add a refrigerator or wine chiller to your basement, proper wiring will likely be needed.  New appliances will require new circuits, and that requires a master electrician as your contractor. Ensuring the proper switches for shut-off, and proper wiring are essential to a job done right. Our specialty is new circuit installs and the proper hookups to make sure your appliances and upgrades are installed and work efficiently.