How to Child-Proof Your Sockets

Having children can be one of the most joyous, rewarding, and wonderful things that you can do. Raising them, on the other hand, can have its caveats. Luckily, the good far outweighs the bad and you determine, in the end, that’s it’s totally worth it. However, one of the things that may frighten you as a parent is electricity. And, let’s be honest, it should scare the heck out of you or anyone that isn’t an electrician. Electricity isn’t something to be messed with – plain and simple. That’s why at Dependable Electric we’ve decided to take today to give you some suggestions and methods of baby-proofing electrical outlets, securing loose cords, and making the electrical aspect of your home much safer. A few things we’re going to cover may seem like common sense to some, but for new parents of toddlers, crawlers, and babies, it might be revolutionary information.


Tamper-Resistant Receptacle by Leviton, available at Home Depot

With electricity the name of the game never changes, it’s always SAFETY. One of the simplest yet most important steps in keeping your children safe from electrical shock is to talk about electricity and how dangerous it can be. Unlike other dangerous aspects of growing up, it’s not a good idea to show your kids a real-life example of what electricity is capable of. You must, however, stress how essential it is that they are aware of what electricity can do. So like any other responsible, grown adult, show them a YouTube video. One like this one should be effective. The bottom line is that you must communicate with your kids in a plain language they understand, how serious electricity is. And maybe tell them to thank Benjamin Franklin while you’re at it.

Most people are quite aware of the little plastic outlet inserts, like these. But there are quite a few other products made that are a little more elegant and a little less noticeable. If your home was built 2008 or later, there was a new national code that mandated all electrical outlets in homes must be the tamper resistant receptacle type. This is basically a built-in security measure that requires both parts of the plug to be inserted simultaneously in order for it to work. If a child were to stick a bobby pin, key, or any other metal item into one slot, the spring-loaded shutter will hold fast and keep your kid’s science experiment from happening. The chances of a child being able to stick two items into the slots at the same time are extremely slim.


Keeping electrical cords, plugs, and outlets out of reach can be a huge factor in helping your kids avoid any type of electrical shock.  When that’s not an option, there are quite a few other types of safety devices available. Most of them are relatively cheap and easy to find. The ones we’ve compiled can be found here:

  • Outlet covers – must be aligned to properly plug anything in.
  • Safety 1st Power Strip cover – buy here.
  • Plug Lock – insert plug, turn key, remove and hide the key. Poof! Unable to plug in!
  • Tamper Resistant Receptacles – buy here.

These and plenty more devices made to keep your family safe can be found at Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes, just to name a few places.